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When it comes to complying with Health, Safety and Welfare Legislation it is important to avail yourself of experienced technical advice.

It is not possible for Health and Safety or Facilities Managers to be experts in all aspects of monitoring and compliance in the workplace. But you can rely on Aquacair Limited.

Our consultants have accumulated over 20 years of asbestos management, environmental monitoring, indoor air quality assessment, occupational hygiene, risk assessment and HVCA / NHS HTM compliance validation experience.

Our services are tailored to the building manager, infection control and facilities professionals so you can be sure that if you ask us we can advise you about the best way to go about ensuring compliance.

We have dealt calmly with unhappy employees, irate department managers, company directors, and engineers in every work environment in every business sector.

Our experience monitoring the most stringent work environments Laminar Flow Operating Theatres, clean-rooms and HEPA filtered rooms means we understand what really constitutes a healthy environment.

We pride ourselves on our discretion, professionalism, competence, the turn around and clarity of our reporting and the conduct of our surveyors.

Our surveyors and technicians are skilled and experienced consultants who can offer realistic cost effective solutions to asbestos, air and water quality problems.
Aquacair Limited Consultancy & Monitoring

Aquacair Limited

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