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Aquacair Limited Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Cleanliness and fire safety is vitally important in commercial kitchens. A simple clean of the canopy filters and just above the filters is not good enough.


Keeping canopy hoods and filters regularly cleaned is relatively simple but ductwork, extract fans and discharge cowls pass through the building fabric and are often inaccessible accumulating extraordinary amounts of flammable grease.


The HVCA publish recommended cleaning frequencies but the only way you will know if this is appropriate is to assess the amount of grease accumulation, clean the system and reassess at a later date not exceeding 12 months. Our engineers will be able to assess cleaning requirements based on an initial site assessment.


We provide an expert kitchen extract duct cleaning service that ensures you meet your fire safety obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, controlling the risk of fire by removing grease deposits with regular cleaning programmes which are devised to suit your individual kitchen needs.


Additional access may be required which could involve the installation of Fire rated doors and the modification of fire cladding. Our initial assessment will establish what access is required to guarantee a comprehensive clean


Cleaning is carried out to HVCA TR19 standards and verified with a comprehensive report including before and after photographs so you can see that all areas have been cleaned.








If kitchen extract ducts are not cleaned regularly they can become a fire hazard.

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