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The benefits of ensuring your ventilation plant is routinely inspected, tested and cleaned are clear. You will be able to demonstrate to building owners and occupants that you are compliant with legislation while maintaining the plant in a clean and efficient condition for the benefit of their health, comfort, energy efficiency and welfare.

Aquacair Limited will assess your ventilation system for compliance with HVCA TR19 cleanliness standards examining dust thickness and microbe concentrations using dust thickness meters and surface contact plates. We will assess air handling units from air intake to ductwork discharge ensuring plant is clean and in good order.

For critical plant such as operating theatre plant Health Technical Memorandum HTM03-01 is assessed to ensure compliance with Department of Health best practice.

Our ventilation hygiene checklist examines air handling units from air intake, through filters and heat exchangers to fan components identifying deficiencies in maintenance and providing an early warning of conditions that will be of detriment to air quality and energy efficiency.

Our air quality sensors, mounted in the supply system continuously monitor particulate contamination to demonstrate that routine maintenance and cleaning is providing high quality clean fresh or re-circulated air.

Your system condition reports, including dust and microbe laboratory analysis results, observations and recommendations is your guarantee that plant is maintained and operated to the highest standards possible.
Aquacair Limited Ventilation Hygiene

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